Clinic Policies


Massage cancellation/no-show policy:

In order to respect the time of our Registered Massage Therapists and to offer fair availability to all of our patients, we kindly ask for 24 hours notice to cancel a massage appointment.  In the absence of 24 hours notice or in the case of a no-show or a late arrival, the full fee for the scheduled service will be applied to your account.


Chiropractic cancellation/no-show policy:

We require at least 24 hours notice prior to cancel a chiropractic appointment. Without providing such notice, in the case of a no-show or of a late arrival, please be aware you will be charged the $30 Chiropractic Missed Appointment/Late Cancellation Fee on your next appointment ($50 in the case of a 30 minute treatment).


Appointment Booking Policy:

Appointment bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis, and must be confirmed by Evolve via email or phone in order to ensure availability.