How we do what we do

How we find your problem: State-of-the-art physical assessment

You will receive the following in-depth, state-of-the-art physical assessment:

Comprehensive postural screening

At Evolve, our doctors will take the time to uncover the subtle imbalances and asymmetries that may cause your pain and dysfunction. These imbalances will be charted and monitored for progress throughout your treatment.

Functional movement pattern testing

The body adapts to injury by altering movement patterns. While these patterns may initially keep pain at bay, they often lead to more pain in the long run. Fortunately, testing can uncover these patterns and exercises can be designed to correct them.

Up-to-date orthopedic assessment

From carpal tunnel syndrome to lumbar disc herniation, Evolve doctors are trained to provide accurate orthopedic assessments, which first determine the precise location of injury, and, over time, are used to monitor your progress.

Core function evaluation

Most injuries begin with poor core muscle strength. These simple tests will reveal the exact area of your core weakness so that we can design a customized exercise program to promote stability and prevent re-injury.

How we fix your problem: Integrated manual therapy

The Complete Chiropractic Care approach represents the culmination of years of careful study and application, taking into account the most effective methods of physical treatment that have been proven both by scientific study and in clinical practice. During every treatment you will receive a combination of the following:

Traditional Chiropractic Care (Spinal Manipulation Therapy)

Traditional chiropractic care concerns itself mainly with promoting optimal spinal alignment and healthy nervous system function. Without achieving these goals, both recovering from injury and staying healthy and able are impossible. Gentle, exact manipulations are employed to relieve pain, promote optimal joint alignment and protect the body from further injury.

Active Release Technique® (A.R.T.)

A.R.T.® is a supportive soft tissue technique commonly used in professional sports contexts, and can be practiced only by certified physicians of manual medicine. It is a patented, state-of-the-art method to diagnose and effectively treat any injury involving muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, or fascia. It is often the only therapy that fully restores impaired muscle function.

Post-Isometric Relaxation (P.I.R.)

P.I.R training is a powerful technique that uses alternates muscle contraction with muscle relaxation and lengthening to reduce muscle spasms and improve muscle performance. This method calms the pain/spasm cycle while “teaching” your muscles to return to healthy, functional condition.

Joint Mobility Enhancement

Joint Mobility Enhancement is a powerful technique for providing lubrication to stiffened joints and increase motion in areas of joint restriction. By imposing movement into restricted planes of joint motion, otherwise stiffened joint capsules are stretched and lubricated. Both overused and arthritic joints enjoy diminished pain and increased motion following treatment.

How we prevent re-injury: Progressive conditioning

Immediate, customized exercise prescription is essential to rapid recovery from injury. As your healing progresses, so too will the intensity and complexity of your exercises. Our doctors will consistently monitor your progress, adjusting your exercise plan to maximize your body’s potential for strength and stability.

Immediate at-home stretching & strengthening program for rapid recovery

Here’s how we speed up your recovery considerably: You’ll begin an immediate conditioning program including systematic stretches and strengthening exercises. Your program will change as your function improves, and we’ll spend the time to make sure you have perfect technique, sending you home with information for your reference.

Movement patterning for correction of spinal dysfunction

Once we uncover your faulty movement patterns, we’ll design your at-home movement correction program. These seemingly simple movement patterns will serve to “hard-wire” (create permanent) healthy muscle firing, promoting proper physical function and prevent re-injury.

Complete core stability programming

Our mission is not only to get you back on your feet — we aim to get you performing at your highest level. Whether in competition, at the office, or playing with the kids, we’ll customize a core-strengthening program to stabilize your spine, increase your overall strength and fortify your body against injury and wear and tear.

Aerobic & weight training consulting

Only well-designed, customized exercise programs can be both safe and effective. We’ll assess your current exercise regimen and regular physical activities to determine the ideal training schedule for your specific needs, and remove any exercises that may be causing your body significant harm (an unfortunately common problem!).


How we monitor your progress: Continual monitoring & maintenance care

At Evolve, your healing will be monitored over time to determine your degree of progress. Orthopedic, strength, and core-function testing will be administered at various stages during the treatment plan to assess your level of recovery and physical stability.

Once balance has been restored to your body’s tissues and your injuries have been corrected, maintenance care — infrequent but consistent treatment — is often necessary to keep you feeling and performing at your very best.

Customized to your specific needs, even as little as one treatment a month will allow Complete Chiropractic Care doctors to detect future problems and correct them before they interrupt your life. Many patients choose this type of long-term care as a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance their quality of life and prevent future injury and disease.

This preventative type of care is elective, and will be discussed with you by your doctor. It is a remarkably easy, affordable way to keep your body injury-free and moving perfectly.